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89.7fm's School of Thought coordinator John Logan

89.7fm’s School of Thought Coordinator John Logan

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Yanchep Rise


Our last school for the year, Yanchep Rise Primary had a blast in the 89.7fm studio this afternoon with their very interesting topics: Christmas, Summer, guide dogs & sport.



This week, it was the students from Duncraig Primary presenting the School of Thought at 89.7fm with a bunch of awesome topics like sport, the Great Barrier Reef, Halloween, animals as well as historical people & places.



The students from Creaney Primary jumped into the studio & told us some interesting facts on many things during their School of Thought including fast food, streaming services, sport, cars & homelessness.



The students from Goollelal Primary had a blast at 89.7fm with plenty of interesting topics like rodents & birds, the AFL Brownlow, art & the Queen’s recent passing.

Alkimos College HD


The year 7 students from Alkimos College took over the studio & entertained with many interesting subjects including life as quadruplets, food, conspiracy theories & future aspirations as well as their GAT program.

St Luke's


This time around, it was the St Luke’s Catholic Primary students with their presentation of this week’s School of Thought. They discussed ancient civilisations, the history of entertainment, indigenous mythology & even their own cricket farm.



The students from Pearsall Primary have their turn in the studio presenting many different & interesting topics on what matters to them including the black holes of space, facts on Antarctica, their own experiences in year 6 at school plus a whole heap more.

West Greenwood


2 groups of students from West Greenwood Primary presented the show with an exciting mix of topics including their sports carnival, the history of their factions, year 6 camp, book reviews & much more.


School of Thought was joined by the students from The Montessori School in Kingsley. They discussed a bunch of topics: the history of The Montessori School, Dungeons & Dragons, art & Albert Einstein.


This week it was the students from East Hamersley Primary who talked about the environment, year 6 life at school, moving to high school next year & sport at school as well.


We’re back with the second group of schools for 2022 & first off were the students from North Woodvale Primary. They discussed their nature playground along with the Oscar Tree, their School Disco, Sports including their carnival at school & indigenous topics like NAIDOC week.

Greenwood 2022


Having the discussion in the studio were the students from Greenwood Primary. They talked about sport, art, music & excursions, answering questions about favourites & opinions along with their own experiences.

Beaumaris Logo


It was the students from Beaumaris Primary that took over the studio at 89.7fm & they had plenty of great topics on their minds including climate change, technology, dinosaurs, ancient Greece & indigenous culture.



The incredible students from Mindarie Primary took over the studio with plenty to talk about including the 7 World Wonders, the history of sport, crystals, phobias, streaming media history & first nations people.



Finally, our first show for the year & we had the amazing students from Bindoon Primary in the studio. They gave a great overview of Bindoon & interview members of their community.



Our last podcast with Curtin FM for the year! The talented students from Yanchep Rise Primary discussed the importance of maths, the love of music, cat-fishing & safe internet use as well as pollution in our oceans.

East Hamersley


Our last show for this year on 89.7fm!

The year 6’s from East Hamersley took over the studio in style, talking about visual arts, sports at school, learning music, the sustainability squad & digital technology.

West Greenwood


6 fantastic students from years 5 & 6 at West Greenwood Primary joined us on 89.7fm for the School of Thought with the subjects of pollution, the year 6 camp & the school’s Well Being Day.



Our 6th podcast from the amazing students at Duncraig Primary. An interesting bunch of topics are discussed: artificial intelligence, the future of koalas, fast fashion impact on the environment & the story of Ned Kelly.



24 awesome year 6 students from Creaney Primary grabbed those mics & entertained us with their favourite subjects including social media, music, technology & sport.

Beaumaris Logo


The students from Beaumaris Primary headed to the studio at 89.7fm this week with some really interesting subjects of their choosing. Guide Dogs, Art, Lego, Music, Books, Comics & so much more.

St Luke's


We would like to thanks the students at St. Luke’s Catholic Primary School for helping us with our promos for the show on both 89.7fm & Curtin FM. Amazing work!!


This week, it was the turn of the students from Liwara Catholic Primary who took over the airwaves at 89.7fm. With a common theme of being kind to one another.



Podcast #5 on Curtin FM with the students from Bindoon Primary. Discussing country life, the cycle of bees, fast fashion & something that’s close to many kids’ hearts, online gaming.

St Luke's


The start of the last term for the year & on this week’s show on 89.7fm, the students interview each other on their topics of choice. They’ll discuss speed limits, bacon, how would life be if all the continents were all still interconnected plus much more.

Yanchep Rise


The class of year 5/6 at the very new Yanchep Rise Primary had an excellent time in the studio at 89.7fm, talking about what it’s like to be a ‘foundation’ student at the school. They also discussed therapy dogs, global warming, the Olympic games, gaming & the incredible language that is AUSLAN.

St Luke's


Our 4th podcast with Curtin FM. A long COVID lockdown overseas, the dynamics of the family, the importance of sleep & female athletes, should they be paid the same as men? They were the topics by the incredible students from St. Luke’s Catholic Primary.



It was all about social media, mental health, dreaming, communication, service animals & even the history of the emoji! What a selection of topics. Have a listen to the amazing students from Mindarie Primary School from when they were at 89.7fm.

Alkimos College HD


The group from Alkimos College enjoyed their experience at 89.7fm where they talked about music, space, the Taliban & the amazing places to visit around Australia.



24 students from Duncraig Primary School had a great time in the studio at 89.7fm, talking about the Paralympics in Tokyo, COVID-19, electric cars, video games & much more. Have a listen to their thoughts on the subjects…



6 great students from Bindoon Primary School made the journey to 89.7fm & joined John in the studio to talk about science. They even interviewed their teacher! Listen below to the fun they had…


Our 3rd podcast with the students from Liwara Catholic Primary School. Brianna, Grace, Sarah, Aidan & Cooper talk about the AFL, dancing, flamingos & musical instruments like the guitar.

Beaumaris Logo


The fun continues with our 2nd podcast with 5 fantastic students from Beaumaris Primary School.

Greenwood HD


Our very first podcast featuring the students from Greenwood Primary School.

The Montessori School Kingsley


Our second group of students for the year on 89.7fm were from The Montessori School in Kingsley who share how they do things at their school.



To start our year off on 89.7fm, the students from Goollelal Primary School joined John in the studio for a whole bunch of fun, talking about the things that matter to them.


Beaumaris Logo


Beaumaris Primary School leadership group rise to the challenge of real live radio.

Arbor Grove


This week 89.7fm welcomes students from Arbor Grove Primary School, Ellenbrook.

Prendiville Catholic College


The students from Prendiville Catholic College Ed Support Centre prove disability isn’t a barrier to having fun.

Liwara PS2


Let Liwara Catholic Primary School lift your spirits.



There’s a lot that is bright and wonderful in Bindoon, including these super seven students from Bindoon Primary School.



Let The Montessori School (Kingsley) students tell you what matters to them.

Greenwood HD


The fabulous four student leaders from Greenwood Primary School talk to John about what matters to them.

East Hamersley


Let East Hamersley Primary School students entertain you.

home school


On School of Thought a talented group of home-schooled kids share their travel experiences.



Year 5 students from Goollelal Primary School present a very informative program.

St Luke's


St Luke’s Catholic Primary School students shine with their presentation of this week’s School of Thought.



School of Thought returned to the airwaves at 89.7fm today.

Duncraig Primary School students presented a show to be proud of and one for us all to remember.

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