About John

All material on this site is written/authorised by John Logan,                                                                               10 Ranleigh Way Greenwood WA





I was born in Manjimup, about 300km south of Perth, in 1960. My father was a timber worker, poorly paid and overworked, while my mother engaged in all sorts of community activities as she played the primary role of raising my two sisters and me. Despite doing it tough, my parents always put family first and instilled that ethos into all of their children. Looking back, it was probably the greatest gift they gave to me.

I moved to the city as a young man in search of a tertiary education and to pursue my passion for radio and journalism. After completing a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of WA, a degree majoring in industrial relations and loaded with economics and politics units, I found myself in front of a microphone in the newsroom of then radio station 6PM (now 92.9fm). I spent quite a few years  as a radio newsman, covering many big crime and court stories, before turning my hand to the print media, working for The West Australian. I climbed the career ladder during 22 years at the paper, working as a senior sub-editor before accepting a redundancy package in October 2013, aged 53.

I credit much of my success to my wife, Liliane, who with her children Kristen and Luke taught me to love again after my first marriage ended in divorce. Having a happy family brought out the best in me.

As a happy family we were able to make some sound financial decisions, albeit with a little luck, which enabled me to retire early to give something back to the community in which we have lived for 18 years.


4 Responses to About John

  1. logan897 says:

    Good on you John for taking the community to heart and doing something productive with your retirement. Retirees should ensure that they remain active in the community and you are leading by example.


  2. Josephine Allison says:

    Hello John Don’t know if you remember me Josephine Allison from the Countryman days. Happened to look you up and it was great to see you are doing so well
    Saw John Dare yesterday at the launch of Mike Zekulichs book An Eye for a story.


  3. Josephine Allison says:

    Hello John, Don’t know if you remember me, Josephine Allison. We worked together as journalists on the Countryman with John Dare in the 90s. Great to see you are doing well. I am writing as a contributor these days for Have a Go News, a seniors newspaper. Really enjoy it. Work mainly from home but go in once a month to help with proofing. Attended a book launch by Mike Zekulich at a winery in Caversham on Sunday. John Dare was there. Ron Banks launched his book in July. Would like to hear from you some time. Josephine


    • logan897 says:

      Lovely to hear from you Jo. I remember you were kind to me after my first marriage fell in a heap. I’m blessed with my second wife, Lil. She’s a fantastic person who supports me with everything that I do. I’m rapt that you’re doing well. John Dare and Zek are champions too. I can’t say that I’ve had much to do with Ron Banks, but remember hearing good things about him when I was working at The West with John D and Zek. If you’re in Greenwood one day perhaps you’ll give me a call on 9247 3832 (home) or 0413 371145. Take care Jo. Cheers, John L


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