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Aged care residents’ yarn bombing inspires City of Joondalup

Tyler Brown/ Joondalup Times

AGED care residents have been brightening up their local park, inspiring a Joondalup councillor to look at similar initiatives.

Residents at MercyCare Joondalup have been knitting jumpers to yarn bomb the trees in the small park next to their home to bring some colour and cheer to the neighbourhood.

The initiative prompted Cr John Logan to request the chief executive investigate how local communities can “add colour and vibrancy to their neighbourhoods and enhance community involvement and social connection through activities such as yarn bombing”.

He requested it be investigated as part of the developments of the City’s Place Activation Strategy.

MercyCare Joondalup residents have yarn bombed the trees in their local park.
MercyCare Joondalup residents have yarn bombed the trees in their local park. Credit: Supplied

At the council meeting, Cr Logan said yarn bombing was a popular form of street art around the world that connected people from diverse backgrounds.

He said in the City, yarn bombing had the capacity to create interest and excitement and encourage tourism, which would also benefit local businesses.

He also said it was a good time to raise the idea, given the increase in people knitting and crocheting at home during the pandemic.

Cr Kerry Hollywood, Cr John Logan, Eileen Boyden, Bethany McAlice, Kathleen Woods and Mayor Albert Jacob.
Cr Kerry Hollywood, Cr John Logan, Eileen Boyden, Bethany McAlice, Kathleen Woods and Mayor Albert Jacob. Credit: Supplied

“The timing is ideal for the City’s administration to investigate facilitating a cohesive, collaborative approach to undertaking street art activities such as yarn bombing,” Cr Logan said.

He said activities could be undertaken in high-visibility areas at specific times of the year and possibly coincide with events, or they could be facilitated in local neighbourhoods, and he would expect cost implications to the City to be minimal.

MercyCare lifestyle therapy and spirituality coordinator Jess Howat said the project started when they found hundreds of hand-knitted squares on their craft shelves and instead of turning them into blankets, they decided to get creative.

MercyCare Joondalup residents have yarn bombed the trees in their local park.
MercyCare Joondalup residents have yarn bombed the trees in their local park. Credit: Supplied

They then consulted the City and arborists before placing their knitted creations in the park.

“Colour can have such a positive effect on people,” Ms Howat said.

“It’s encouraged residents to be part of something bold and something bigger and it shows our aged care residents have so much to give to their community.”

MercyCare Joondalup residents have yarn bombed the trees in their local park.
MercyCare Joondalup residents have yarn bombed the trees in their local park. Credit: Supplied

MercyCare chief executive Anthony Smith said the project had brought together residents, their families, staff and local neighbours.

“I think it’s wonderful their handiwork may inspire other community groups across the City of Joondalup to participate and add their own creative touch to shared spaces,” he said.

Heathridge Park upgrade plans to be reviewed

Tyler Brown/Joondalup Times

PLANS to improve Heathridge Park are progressing, with the City of Joondalup to review the concept design and costs based on community consultation results.

The council unanimously requested the review also consider retaining the existing tennis infrastructure, additional car parking, and changes to the scope and location of the proposed multipurpose facility.

A draft concept pan for the 9.3ha site was released for public comment last year, with the City engaging with more than 4500 people, including nearby residents and local user groups.

Concept plan to upgrade Heathridge Park out for public comment

As well as meetings with eight of the park’s sporting clubs and facility user groups, the City received 216 responses and one letter from the Ocean Ridge football, cricket and tennis clubs during the consultation period.

An artist impression from the draft concept plan for Heathridge Park.
An artist impression from the draft concept plan for Heathridge Park. Credit:

The results showed 58 per cent of respondents supported the draft plan, and 27 per cent were opposed.

According to a council report, there was strong opposition to the proposal to reduce the number of tennis courts from 10 to six.

Other issues raised included insufficient car parking and the need for a two-storey building, more storage facilities and the second playing field to be bigger.

As part of the review, a business case and funding strategy will also be outlined.

The estimated construction cost is currently upwards of $15 million, with the State Government promising $2.5 million.

State Election: Funds promised for schools and sports

Mayor Albert Jacob said the City would continue to engage with the local community as the project progresses.

An artist impression from the draft concept plan for Heathridge Park.
An artist impression from the draft concept plan for Heathridge Park. Credit:

“The outdated design and fragmented locations of the existing buildings at Heathridge Park has resulted in servicing and operational issues for many years,” he said.

“The City will work with stakeholders to develop a refined concept plan that takes into account their feedback and aspirations for this important active sporting park.”

A report on the outcomes of the next phase of the project will be presented to the City’s Major Projects and Finance Committee at a future meeting.

Cr John Logan said it was “no surprise” there was almost 60 per cent support for the project “albeit some aspects need more consideration”.

He said the facilities were now more than 40 years old and no longer provided “what is needed in modern times”.

“There is much work still to be done to shape the project but there is light at the end of a long tunnel,” he said.

City of Joondalup rolling out bin stickers to slow drivers around schools

Tyler Brown / Joondalup Times

THE City of Joondalup is reminding drivers to slow down around schools as students return to the classroom this week.

The “Please slow down – consider our kids” bin stickers will soon be rolled out across the City, starting in high traffic areas around local schools.

“With students going back to school, these stickers are a timely reminder to motorists that 40km/h speed limits apply around all school zones,” Mayor Albert Jacob said.

“This will give drivers more time to react to any unforeseen circumstances and help keep our kids safe.

“Children are excited to be returning to the classroom and as such, they can be unpredictable in terms of their movements – particularly younger students.”

Carys and Oliver Price and Lonica and Nathaniel Nonde with Joondalup Mayor Albert Jacob and Cr John Logan promoting the City's bin sticker initiative before lockdown.
Carys and Oliver Price and Lonica and Nathaniel Nonde with Joondalup Mayor Albert Jacob and Cr John Logan promoting the City’s bin sticker initiative before lockdown. Credit: Supplied

Mr Jacob joined Cr John Logan and Greenwood Primary School students at Sherington Road, before the lockdown, to promote the bin stickers, which are available to all residents by contacting the City on 9400 4255 or at

Road safety initiatives for Sherington Road to benefit Greenwood Primary School

Tyler Brown / Joondalup Times

THE City of Joondalup will implement several road safety initiatives near Greenwood Primary School to help protect students.

Councillors unanimously supported the City officers’ recommendations to roll out “Please slow down – consider our kids” bin stickers and the temporary installation of a speed radar display board on Sherington Road, and to list $70,000 for consideration in 2021-22 to install a pedestrian refuge island at the junction of Sherington Road and Garfield Way.

They also supported Cr John Logan’s additional motion to request the chief executive liaise with Main Roads WA to extend the 40km/h zone from Ranleigh Way into Sherington Road because “the road is highly used by school children as a crossing point for Greenwood Primary School”.

The City of Joondalup will lobby Main Roads to get the 40km/h school zone extended from Ranleigh Way into Sherington Road, Greenwood.
The City of Joondalup will lobby Main Roads to get the 40km/h school zone extended from Ranleigh Way into Sherington Road, Greenwood. Credit: David Baylis/Community News

The initiatives follow a 48-signature petition submitted to the council in May that requested the City “install or construct traffic calming measures on Sherington Road, Greenwood”.

According to the council report, a survey of Sherington Road found the traffic volume was “well within acceptable limits” and was “not considered to have a minor technical issue and therefore infrastructure changes to this road would be difficult to justify”.

However, it also stated Sherington Road provides “direct pedestrian access” to Greenwood Primary School.

School zone signs in Ranleigh Way, Greenwood.
School zone signs in Ranleigh Way, Greenwood. Credit: David Baylis/Community News

“To improve the road safety situation for vulnerable road users such as school students, a pedestrian refuge island is proposed for the intersection with Garfield Way,” it said.

At the meeting, Cr Logan said there were 375 students at Greenwood Primary School with most using Sherington Road every day and a refuge island would “improve safety”.

The island would be installed at the southern junction with Garfield Way because it is approximately half-way along Sherington Road, “and as such has a greater prospect of slowing vehicles as opposed to a treatment at Blackall Drive to the north or Cockman Road in the south east”.

Joondalup council supports retention of 50km/h speed signs on local roads

Tyler Brown / Joondalup Times

JOONDALUP council has not supported a request from Main Roads WA to proactively remove 50km/h speed signs in built-up areas.

In line with City officers’ recommendations, councillors instead unanimously voted that signs would only be removed when they “reach the end of their useful life”.

Cr John Logan moved to add this would also be “subject to the successful implementation of alternative speed awareness programs”, which could include temporary electronic speed boards and bin stickers.

Cr Logan said he was “less than impressed” with the request from Main Roads, which would be funded “out of ratepayers’ pockets”, saying it had “failed to provide any evidence the signs don’t work”.

He said last year there were 278 accidents on 50km/h roads with 44 requiring medical attention and 12 resulting in death or serious injury.

A reminder sign for the default 50km/h speed limit.
A reminder sign for the default 50km/h speed limit. Credit: Community News

Cr Logan said despite the signs being around for 19 years, it did not mean drivers did not need to be reminded of the speed limit, especially when the City is home to “many different people from different nations”.

“The sensible approach is not to sanction their removal unless they are damaged or at the end of their useful life and not until effective speed awareness programs are implemented,” he said.

Cr Christopher May said rather than removing the signs, more were needed on some 50km/h roads such as Craigie, Trappers and Mullaloo drives.

“People think because the road is wider, they can go 60 or 70km/h,” he said.

“The freeway has been 100km/h for 30-plus years and it still has speed signs.”

The default speed limit for built-up areas was reduced from 60km/h to 50km/h in 2001.

To raise awareness, Main Roads delegated authority to local governments to temporarily install “Remember 50km/h in built-up area” signs at appropriate locations on local roads. It was intended they would remain for just six months.

According to a council report, Main Roads contacted all local governments in WA in October 2019 seeking their support to remove the signs by next month because they are “not performing the function for which they were intended” and “their installation is no longer supported”.

Perth councils resist Main Roads change to speed signs

While the report said the City “no longer tracks in detail the location or number” of signs, it said an initial assessment would indicate there are at least four roads where they are still installed.

“The quantity of signs, however, have reduced in numbers over time by natural attrition,” it said.

Officers therefore recommended signs remain in place until they are “no longer serviceable or are removed by other factors outside the City’s control”, and that new or replacement signs would no longer be supported.

City of Joondalup RYDE program to help youths get driver’s licence

Tyler BrownJoondalup Times

A PROGRAM to help disadvantaged young people get their driver’s licence is now in motion.

The City of Joondalup launched its Regional Youth Driver Education (RYDE) program earlier this month, which helps learner drivers complete the required 50 hours of supervised experience behind the wheel.

The program is open to people aged 16-25 who may not have access to a suitable driving supervisor or vehicle or may have financial concerns, and teams them up with trained volunteer driver mentors.

RYDE Program mentors Keita Morimoto and Madison Ferster.
RYDE Program mentors Keita Morimoto and Madison Ferster. Credit: David Baylis/Community News

They must have also completed their hazard perception and driver competency tests to be eligible.

It costs $15 for 90 minutes and is available seven days a week, operating from Joondalup Library.

“Not being able to get a driver’s licence can affect a young person’s job prospects, training, education and independence,” Mayor Albert Jacob said.

“Research shows young people benefit greatly from having a licence in terms of independence to travel to study, work and for social activities.”

Joondalup Cr John Logan and Mayor Albert Jacob with RYDE Program mentors Keita Morimoto and Madison Ferster.
Joondalup Cr John Logan and Mayor Albert Jacob with RYDE Program mentors Keita Morimoto and Madison Ferster. Credit: David Baylis/Community News

The idea for the City of Joondalup to introduce the RYDE program was first raised by Cr John Logan in 2017.

The council then approved a spend of $15,000 earlier this year, to join a $7500 Federal grant to buy an automatic car for the program and have it fitted with extra driver pedals for the volunteer mentors.

Those keen to take part in RYDE should visit, and prospective volunteers can email


Joondalup Times, November 19, 2020

toilet block

Joondalup Times, August 6, 2020

The Voice

Grandparents Rearing Grandchildren relocating to Warwick with help from City

Tyler Brown – Joondalup Times

GRANDPARENTS Rearing Grandchildren has been given a reprieve with the Joondalup council unanimously voting to help with some of its hire costs.

The not-for-profit group, which currently helps 102 grandparents and 112 grandchildren, had previously utilised a small office space within Mildenhall under a licence agreement.

However, this year had not booked any City facilities, preferring to use their members’ private residences to meet.

The City has since identified they could relocate to the Grove Child Care facility in Warwick, which is currently vacant, but according to a council report, they are not in a financial position to afford the hire costs.

As a charitable organisation, they are eligible for up to 10 hours of 100 per cent subsidised facility use per week, which would be $7202.

However because the group averages 30 hours per week, they applied for an additional subsidy of 20 hours per week, which would be another $14,238.

According to a council report, “the club meets the eligibility criteria” and so City officers recommended to waive the hire fees for the group to use the Grove Child Care facility in 2020.

As per the City’s policy, a new application needs to be made each year.

According to a council report, the cost to the City across all levels of subsidised facility use is about $1.3 million.

In 2019, the council approved $112,047 of additional subsidies and waivers of fees, and so far this year has approved $40,389.

This includes $24,616 for the Whitford Senior Citizens Club, $6071 for University of the Third Age, $5942 for the Kingsley Seniors Group and $3760 for Greenwood Tennis Club juniors.

Cr John Logan said the group needed as much support as it could get and it was “a small price to pay for the work they do”.

“Without them, we could be paying all sorts of social costs,” he said.

Mayor Albert Jacob agreed, saying the grandparents were “some of the most unsung heroes in the community”.

He also said the Grove Child Care facility was a perfect location for the group, with a playground, fenced area and more room than it had in Mildenhall.

While Cr Christopher May also voted in support, he said going forward he would be “a lot more stringent” on the waiving of fees given the current financial environment.

City of Joondalup to help at risk youths get driver’s licence

Tyler Brown – Joondalup Times

DISADVANTAGED young people in Perth’s north can soon benefit from a program to help get their driver’s licence.

The Regional Youth Driver Education (RYDE) program helps financially and socially disadvantaged learner drivers to undertake 50 hours of supervised driving with a trained volunteer mentor.

It is aimed at 17 to 25 year olds, providing a suitable vehicle and qualified mentor at $15 for a 90-minute session, compared to a private driving lesson that costs on average $60 for 45 minutes.

Participants, who will mostly be referred by youth support agencies, must live in the north metro region and have already completed at least five formal driving lessons.

The idea for the City of Joondalup to introduce the RYDE program was first raised by Cr John Logan in 2018, with councillors unanimously supporting its implementation subject to a vehicle being donated.

City of Joondalup seeking car donation for Regional Youth Driver Education program

However, at a council briefing, planning and community development director Dale Page said the City had approached “numerous organisations” but none were able to help provide a car.

Since then, the City has received a $7500 Federal grant, which is only available until the end of the year and contingent on the balance of the cost being provided.

Therefore the balance of $15,000 was listed in the 2020-2021 budget for set-up costs including buying an automatic car, fitting it with dual pedals, registration and insurance.

Cr Logan acknowledged that “most businesses have been struggling for some time” and even more so now because of COVID-19, meaning “sponsorship dollars are few and far between”.

He said the City could still benefit from providing the vehicle with the opportunity to use it for mobile advertising.

It is estimated the program would have an annual operating cost of $6000, with the potential to generate some revenue if there is a good take-up, and the City is expected to partner with the Joondalup Volunteer Resource Centre to recruit mentors.

“RYDE gives young people desperately needing a driver’s licence for employment, job programs and education opportunities the chance to be mentored by trained, enthusiastic volunteers who have had years of valuable driving experience,” Cr Logan said.

Youth Futures chief executive Mark Waite also gave his support at the council meeting.

“The return on our social investment in youth will far outweigh the investment made at any other time in a person’s life,” he said.

Mayor Albert Jacob said youth unemployment was at alarming levels, especially among young people who found it difficult to get their 50 hours of driving experience.

“They may find it difficult to access a suitable driving supervisor, family support or a suitable vehicle,” he said.

“It is not a statutory requirement that local government provide driver education programs but, as the tier of government that most closely affects the daily lives of citizens, local government is well placed to coordinate a response to this identified local community need.”

However, Cr Russell Poliwka said he could not support the City being involved in the control and management of the program or adding to the City’s operating costs.

“Others can do it better than us. It is not our core business,” he said.

He also asked what the impact would be on local small businesses.

Ms Page said it was “a different market” with the program “not aimed at youths who have the means to engage a private driving instructor”.

Cr Christopher May said he also was not supportive of the City funding the program and believed the State Government should “come to the table” to fund something that “falls in their area of responsibility”.

Cr Tom McLean said while he would also prefer funding from the State of Federal governments, they had “not put their hands up”.

“It is petty thinking to think we can’t or shouldn’t do this. If we don’t, who will,” he said.

Cr Suzanne Thompson also believed the program was “not a space we should be in” and she was “not convinced ratepayers want to spend on this”, while Cr John Raftis said he would rather see the City help a local business such as a struggling driving school by subsidising lessons for at risk youths.

Cr Russ Fishwick said the City had more than 14,000 residents aged 18 to 24, which was close to 10 per cent of the population, and 52 per cent of young people found it hard to get their driver’s licence.

He said local government needed to be “at the forefront of assisting its community”.

“A local government that only provides the core functions of the three Rs – roads, rates and rubbish – would be considered as being dinosaurs by its community,” he said.

Implementing the program was approved 8-5 with Crs Poliwka, May, Thompson, Raftis and Nige Jones against.

The RYDE program was developed by the Town of Bassendean, with numbers increasing so much so a second vehicle has been acquired.

It has also been successfully implemented in Cockburn, Mandurah, the south-west and the Pilbara.


Joondalup Times, June 18, 2020

Art Centre


Joondalup Times, June 11, 2020

Park Facelifts

City of Joondalup to roll out more defibrillators

DEFIBRILLATORS will be installed outside more community facilities in Perth’s north to help save more lives in emergencies.

The City of Joondalup plans to install another 27 automated external defibrillators (AED) at 21 of its facilities over the next two years.

The portable, battery-operated electronic devices can diagnose potentially life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias when connected to patients and treat them through defibrillation.

A March council report said there were 115 AEDs registered with St John within the City but only 25 were publicly available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling 000 for a pin code in an emergency.

Councillors supported the recommendation to roll out more of the devices, which would cost $68,500, and Cr John Logan’s additional request that it consider allocating funds to install more at other facilities in future budgets.

Once installed, all units will be registered on the St John Ambulance community first responder program, which aims to connect AEDs to cardiac arrest victims prior to the arrival of an ambulance.

Cr Logan first requested the initiative in March 2019, with the council agreeing to investigate locations last November.

He said for every minute someone was in cardiac arrest, their chances of survival decreased, so the sooner first responders could get a defibrillator to them, the better their chances of survival.


Joondalup Mayor Albert Jacob and councillor John Logan with a defibrillator at  Mullaloo Surf Life Saving Club.            Picture: David Baylis

As part of the program, St John maintains the ‘First Responder’ app which includes a map of all publicly accessible AEDs that have been registered in WA and contact details for the AED owner.

Joondalup Mayor Albert Jacob said the City had consulted with other local governments who had undertaken similar AED rollouts and their feedback was that the units had been widely welcomed by their community and community groups.

“Data shows that for every minute someone is in cardiac shock, their chance of survival reduces by 10 to 12 per cent,” he said.

“The use of an AED during a cardiac incident has been shown to improve that outcome.

“While council makes many important decisions, it is not often we are charged with making a decision that has the potential to save a life – or lives.”

d498485c-defibrillator 2

Defibrillator inside Currambine Community Centre. Picture: David Baylis

The first stage of the rollout in 2020-21 will include Heathridge Park Clubrooms, Iluka Sports Complex, Kingsley Memorial Clubrooms, Penistone Park Community Sporting Facility in Greenwood, Seacrest Park Community Sporting Facility in Sorrento, Warwick Bowling Club, MacNaughton Park Clubrooms in Kinross, Currambine Community Centre, Admiral Park Community Sporting Facility in Heathridge, Forrest Park Community Sporting Facility and Gibson Park Community Facility in Padbury, Mildenhall in Duncraig, Connolly Community Centre, Rob Baddock Community Hall in Kallaroo, and Warwick Hall.

The second stage is planned for 2021-22 at another 12 facilities, including Beaumaris Community Centre in Ocean Reef, Flinders Park Community Hall and Whitford Senior Citizens Centre in Hillarys, Ellersdale Park Clubrooms in Warwick, Sorrento Community Hall, and Calectasia Hall in Greenwood.

Others will be installed at toilet facilities at Burns Beach Park, Iluka Beach Park, Ocean Reef Beach Park (boat harbour), Hillarys Foreshore Reserve (Whitford Dog Beach), Hillarys Beach Park (Whitford Nodes), and Marmion Foreshore Reserve, adjacent to Marmion Angling and Aquatic Club.




Candidates Votes Percentage Expiry of Term
LOGAN, John 1,631 44.89% 21 October 2023
WRIGHT, Liam 276 7.60%
JOHNSON, Paul 1,174 32.31%
RITCHIE, Teresa 552 15.19%

Brochure 2



Check out the redeveloped Parin Park in Greenwood, the start of the first dedicated City of Joondalup heritage precinct. If re-elected as a local councillor, I’ll continue working to complete the heritage precinct, acknowledging European and indigenous forefathers, while upgrading local parks and providing a unique Lake Goollelal heritage trail.


If re-elected to continue to represent you as a City of Joondalup councillor in the South East Ward (Kingsley-Greenwood), I aim to see that defibrillators are available at the City’s key community facilities.


In the lead-up to the Joondalup council elections, I’m sending you snippets about what I’ve been working on as your local councillor and as a volunteer for many groups.
My achievements would not have been possible without community support.
When you receive your ballot papers in the mail shortly, I ask you to re-elect me for another four-year term on the Joondalup council.
Whether you’re a ratepayer or renter if you’re on the electoral role you’re eligible to vote, as are the owners of businesses in our community who employ the vast majority of local working people.

John & Sign


Penistone Park has been transformed from an ordinary City of Joondalup asset to one of the most modern, functional parks in the northern suburbs. Football, cricket, lacrosse, softball/baseball, tennis, little athletics and many other sports groups are benefiting from the Penistone Park upgrade. The feedback has also been positive from passive recreational users. But the children’s playground needs shade in summer…..which I will deliver in the form of shade sails if re-elected to the Joondalup council.


After being approached by local residents to look at ways to improve George Sears Park in Greenwood, the City of Joondalup has now completed upgrades to this beautiful local park.

Thank you to all of those living nearby who instigated this initiative – the final product is a great recreational and environmental improvement to this unique reserve.


Our latest lighting upgrade project is now complete and operational – at Kingsley Oval.

I want to thank the Kingsley Football Club for putting on a great day last Saturday – and for their support for this project which will enable people from across our community to better utilise this popular local oval.

Joondalup Times, July 11, 2019

councillor column crop


Joondalup Weekender, April 11, 2019

Shepherds Bush Article


Joondalup Times, December 27, 2018

Driver Education


Joondalup Weekender, November 29, 2018

park toilet


Joondalup Weekender, November 8, 2018

Peace Park edit


Joondalup Times, October 23, 2018

Peace precinct crop


Joondalup Times, April 24, 2018

Anzac 22


Joondalup Times, April 24, 2018

Anzac 33

Joondalup Weekender, April 19, 2018

Councillors Column 2


Joondalup Weekender, August 24, 2017 

FOY (3)



Joondalup councillors John Chester and John Logan, fellow Friends of Yellagonga Regional Park volunteers, Environment Minister Stephen Dawson and local politicians are keen to tackle the midge problem. State funding of $50,000, initiated by Kingsley MP Jessica Stojkovski, will help FOY step up the fight against the nuisance midge.


John Logan speaks to Tracey Roberts, Wanneroo Mayor and WA Local Government Association deputy president, about knowing your local council and what they do. (Movers and Shakers program on 89.7fm 09/08/2017)


Joondalup Weekender, April 6, 2017

Councillor's column 04-17 crop


Joondalup Times, January 31, 2017



The City of Joondalup has stepped up its participation in the “Please Slow Down, Consider Our Kids” bin sticker program. This follows John Logan and fellow Kingsley-Greenwood councillor John Chester promoting the program’s safety benefits with local schools in 2015.

Joondalup Weekender, November 24, 2016



Local councillors John Chester and John Logan support a City of Joondalup management plan for Shepherds Bush Reserve, Kingsley. They encourage people to join Friends of Shepherds Bush. John Logan catches up with local environmentalist and naturalist, David Pike, during his Movers and Shakers program on 89.7fm. ( 12/10/2016)




Councillors John Logan and John Chester worked with the Greenwood community to ensure the Ranleigh Way verge garden’s success.


Joondalup Times, October 4, 2016


 Joondalup Times, October 4, 2016



An interview from community radio Movers and Shakers show, hosted by John Logan and Clive Haddow. Steve Marmion, economic advisor for the City of Joondalup, talks to Clive Haddow about The Link – a strategic collaboration between the City of Joondalup and Edith Cowan University committed to developing strong relationships with industry, academia, local, state and federal government to enable business growth.

the linktrade directory

Joondalup Weekender, July 07, 2016

CEO sleepoutSleepout article


A young self-funded retiree (I’m 56), I was elected to the Joondalup council last October. I put up my hand to be a councillor in a bid to build a better City of Joondalup community, including caring for people less fortunate than me, people like the homeless. I encourage other community leaders, including councillors and State and Federal MPs, to consider participating in the Sleepout. (23/06/2016)


Cr John Logan – Vinnies CEO Sleepout


Local councillors join local MP in fight against crime by inviting all Kingsley, Greenwood and Warwick residents to a community police forum.

Community Police Forum

WALGA Western Councillor, April/May, 2016

Blessing of the roads

Joondalup Times, April 26, 2016

penistone park snipped

Penistone diagram


Joondalup Weekender, April 21, 2016

Joondalup Voice 1

Joondalup Weekender, March 3, 2016

Fathering Project snipped


It was a beautiful morning at Central Park, Joondalup, for the 2016 Australia Day Citizenship Ceremony. About 350 people took the oath as new citizens and a number of awards were presented to outstanding residents for their selfless contribution to the community.

Australia Day-flag crop

Australia Day in the City of Joondalup.

Australia Day-John and recipient crop

John congratulates the under-25 local citizen of the year, Elodie Prinsloo, 20.

Australia Day-recipient and Jan crop

Greenwood’s Colleen Burgess with the award she won for outstanding community contribution as a local citizen.

Australia Day-awards crop2

Sacred Heart’s St Vinnies won the accolade which recognised the outstanding community group.

Australia Day-band crop2

Greenwood’s Courtney Murphy, on keyboard, with his brothers Chris and Kieran entertaining the crowd.

Australia Day festivities

There was a big turnout of residents at the City of Joondalup’s Australia Day celebrations.

 Joondalup Times, October 27, 2015

thank you snipped


election results

vote john brochure final 2PNG(2)

vote john brochure final 2 png 3


By now many of you will be aware that I will be standing for a seat on the Joondalup council at the October local government elections. An active member of the community through the local residents association, schools, sports, charities and an environment group, I have been door-knocking to introduce myself to fellow Joondalup South East Ward residents. What matters to you matters to me.

what matterswhat do you think


2 Responses to Councillor John Logan

  1. Jim Benson says:

    Hello John

    Congratulations on a great win in the South-East Ward.

    I am sure you will enjoy your time on Council and represent us well.


    Jim Benson-Lidholm


    • logan897 says:

      Hello Jim,
      At the end of the day, communities are what local government elections are all about. Thanks for being prepared to support me for the greater good. Best of luck for the future.


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