All material on this site is written/authorised by John Logan,                                                                               10 Ranleigh Way Greenwood WA


Thank you for checking me out online. Many of you may already know of me as the bloke from community radio station 89.7fm’s Movers and Shakers news and views program. You’ll be able to keep up with the highlights of the show through this site. But there’s lots more that I have been up to since retiring in late 2013. None of this work is paid work but it’s keeping me occupied and lots of the jobs are heaps of fun. I hope that as you follow what I’m doing some of you may become interested in getting more involved in our already vibrant community of Kingsley and Greenwood. To those of you who are already volunteers, some of you for many years, I dip my lid. Your community spirit is invaluable. You inspire people like me to do our bit after busy careers.


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